Company Profile

As the pioneer and leader of third-party testing and certification services in the world's small commodity center, Zhejiang Ruiyi Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (RTS for short) provides one-stop inspection, testing, certification, auditing, Training and technical services. With the mission of "transmitting trust for quality life", RTS is committed to transmitting trust among the government, enterprises and individuals, comprehensively guaranteeing quality and safety, promoting compliance and innovation, highlighting brand competitiveness, and achieving healthier and better quality. Safe and greener high-quality development.

From testing of food contact materials, textiles and clothing, shoes and bags, baby toys, accessories and accessories, electronic appliances, household products, cosmetics and daily chemical products to product certification and factory audits. RTS will assist enterprises to provide services from product development, material selection, production process to market entry and other links. Provide comprehensive services for the upstream and downstream of the supply chain in e-commerce and other industries. Ensure the quality and safety of products, meet the regulations and requirements of different countries, and make their products enter the local market smoothly.

RTS is a national high-tech enterprise, a China Conformity Assessment and Accreditation Service (CNAS) and a China Metrology Certification (CMA) agency, a China National Compulsory Product Certification (CCC) certification agency, and a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) authorized agency. FCC US Federal Communications Commission authorized laboratory, EU REACH, ROHS and other accredited third-party comprehensive laboratories.

Nearly 1,000 employees of RTS Ruiyi Testing Company are our most important assets! They follow the rules, are fearless and impartial! All RTS employees follow the customer-centric service concept! ! ! We will provide you with efficient, accurate, fair and standardized services.

Company Culture

RTS adheres to the integrity values that testers should have. We ensure the authenticity, objectivity, accuracy and traceability of test data and results, and strictly guard customers' technology, information, data and other business secrets.


RTS strictly follows regulatory requirements and implements standard specifications to ensure that each of our tests can give more reliable data. We promise to abide by the requirements of relevant laws and regulations for inspection and testing, and conduct inspections in strict accordance with the law.


As an independent third-party agency, RTS refuses to reflect any untrue information. We guarantee to carry out the testing service work independently to the outside world, free from the pressure and influence of internal and external, illegitimate commercial, financial and other aspects.


RTS is equipped with advanced experimental equipment and professional and technical personnel in chemical, mechanical, material and other fields. As a national high-tech enterprise, RTS is constantly innovating, concentrating on research, improving testing technology, and striving to create more value for customers.

Why Choose Us

RTS has a self-developed LIMS system, which monitors and manages the entire testing process, which greatly improves work efficiency and shortens the inspection period entrusted by enterprises.


RTS has a complete ordering platform and free door-to-door pickup service, and can provide enterprises with one-to-one consultation and training and a one-stop product compliance service chain.


In the consulting stage, RTS can conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on the company's product information and material conditions, provide the most appropriate and economical quotation plan for the company, and greatly reduce the testing cost.


As a national high-tech enterprise, RTS has dozens of patented inventions and supporting equipment and professionals to meet the needs of different customers and different products.